Shortage of useful energy increasingly has become a crisis facing human beings on Earth. While the universe never has been short of energy, the forms of energy existing often make it difficult to collect and use directly. It is necessary that useful energy can be obtained from readily available sources (e.g., chemical, solar, etc.) in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way. We are a research group interested in (1) understanding engineering sciences in chemically reacting systems involving catalytic reactions and transport phenomena, and (2) solving problems in advanced energy conversion and storage technologies. Our current research projects are focused on electrochemical and/or photo energy conversion processes and involve interdisciplinary approaches.

We welcome all students, post-doctoral researchers and visiting scholars to join the group. Graduate students should have an undergraduate degree in an engineering or science major, with background knowledge in reaction engineering, transport phenomena, chemistry, physics and materials science.

News and Events

May 2016 – Congratulations to Sam Hoff, Chao Lin, and Chen You, on their graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering! All will go to graduate schools in the fall semester.

May 2016 – Congratulations to Phong Nguyen to be named a McNair Scholar.

April 2016 – Austin and Tyler presented their research at the Undergraduate Research Conference. Good job!

April 2016 – Congratulations to Ahmed Jasim to be awarded Outstanding Graduate Student!

10/07/2015 – Welcome Huan Jiang and Spencer Nyquist to join the group.

01/22/2015 – Ghassan passed graduate qualification exam and becomes a PhD candidate. Congratulations!

12/04/2014 – Yunfeng has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

10/04/2014 – Dr. Xing is a lead organizer for the symposium “Batteries Beyond Lithium Ion” at the 226th ECS and SMEQ Joint International Meeting, October 5-10, 2014.

09/19/2014 – Mike Chibnall and Sam Hoff have joined the lab for undergraduate research.