Student Resources

General guidelines for reports, journal articles, and theses:

Use Endnote for all references

If photos are included, the original digital file should be placed in an appropriate directory

If figures are included a separate excel or sigmaplot file of the data from which the figure was derived must be provided in an appropriate directory

Here is the recommended figure format (note line weights, tick marks inside axis lines, legend in the figure, and box around the figure.)

figure format

Here is the recommended bar graph format

bar graph format

Here is the recommended report format

report format

Here is the recommended thesis outline

thesis outline

 Here is a list of proofreader symbols which you may need to know when editors want changes in your paper


Here is a link to a tutorial that provides useful plagiarism guidelines defining what may be copied into reports and what may not

Plagiarism Tutorial

Here is a link to the Transportation Research Board site which has many current national highway research projects of interest