Research Group

Full-Time Personnel

Dr. Jinglu Tan – Professor

Dr. Grace Yu – Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. David Guo – Postdoctoral Associate

Current Graduate Students

Sri Wulayu, Ph.D. (current)

Dissertation: A Model-Based Approach for Extracting Viscoelastic Properties from Ultrasound Measurements

Xiaozhen (Camille) Wang, M.S. (current)

Thesis: Modeling of Photoreceptor a-Wave Kinetics

Nilesh Salvi, M.S. (current)

Thesis: Sound Speed Compensation in Finite-Order Models

Shane Denson, M.S. (current)

Thesis: Biomass Strength Analysis and Densification

Maetee Patana-Anake, Ph.D. (current)

Dissertation: Supply-Chain Optimization for Biomass Utilization

Click here for a list of past graduate students.