I am co-leading the I-70 Corridor Network on Aging with Dr. Dennis Domer. We held our second annual conference in Columbia, MO in November, 2014.

In 2013-2014, I was a co-lead for a SmartAmerica Challenge team on Closed Loop Healthcare : – from home to hospital and back home again.

I was the chair of the AAAI Fall and Spring Symposia series. I also organized a symposium for the AAAI Fall 2012 Symposia Series on AI for Gerontechnology, and one for the AAAI Fall 2008 Symposia Series on AI in Eldercare: New Solutions to Old Problems.

CogRIC: I was one of the organizers for an international workshop on cognitive robotics, held in Windsor, England, U.K. on August 16-18, 2006. (funded by the NSF and the EPSRC)

I was the Registration Co-Chair for the HRI 2007 Conference held March 8-11 in Washington, D.C. HRI 2007 Work assignments for the student volunteers.
I was also the Registration Chair for HRI 2006 : The 1st Annual Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, held March 2-4 in Salt Lake City. The HRI conferences are designed to be present high quality papers in a single track format. RegOnline     HRI 2006 Work assignments for the student volunteers

In 2006, we held three Saturday Science sessions introducing programming concepts to junior high students by teaching them to program small lego robots.

I was the Program Co-Chair for RO-MAN 2005: The 14th IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication.

I was also a guest editor for a special issue on Human-Robot Interaction for the IEEE Transactions on SMC Part A. In all, 47 papers were submitted to the issue. With the help of many, excellent reviewers, 10 papers were selected for publication in July, 2005.