About us

Business development utilizes rapid prototyping

The Rapid Prototyping Education and Application Network is a collaboration of the Business Development Program (BDP) from MU Extension and the College of Engineering. A group of highly-skilled business development counselors and student engineers are focused on advancing the understanding, use and economic impact of 3-D printing. We provide an environment that promotes new product development and innovation with business and industry, while providing experiential learning opportunities for engineering students by exposing them to real world problems and applications of prototyping technology.

Business development calls for high levels of innovation and new ideas, such as the technique used to make this gear.

Business development calls for high levels of innovation and new ideas, such as the technique used to make this gear.

There are many, broad applications for rapid prototyping. Some entrepreneurs create prototypes to communicate their ideas to potential investors. Others create a part that is functional or near functional for custom applications and some to use the technology for small-lot or niche market production. In many levels of production, additive manufacturing can provide meaningful, low-cost solutions.

Our ultimate goal is to better inform Missouri businesses about rapid prototyping. Those businesses can then see how they can use rapid prototyping.

Our process

  1. We will meet with you to evaluate your needs and begin a non-disclosure agreement. We want to fully understand where you have been, what you have tried and what are your goals.
  2. We will use your files or create files and models for possible applications. You’ll also receive a full tour of our facilities, and answer to any questions regarding these technologies.
  3.  Multiple renditions are often necessary in the design process. Multiple variations of your models may be printed.
  4.  We will facilitate engagement with commercial service providers to complete your project or long-term production.


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