Portrait of Patrick Pinhero

Patrick Pinhero


Patrick J. Pinhero is co-appointed in the Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering departments, as well as at the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR). Additionally, he serves as the director of nuclear research for the College of Engineering. Prior to joining the University of Missouri in September 2007, Pinhero was employed for more than eight years as an advisory scientist in the Materials Science Department at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). At the INL, he contributed to research programs in the areas of nanoantenna, frequency-selective surfaces and neutron-absorbing alloy development. He directed programs in nuclear materials, boron nitride based hybrid materials, microbial-influenced corrosion (MIC) and materials characterization. Before joining the INL, he lectured in the Department of Chemistry at Iowa State University and conducted studies on Al-based ternary and quaternary quasicrystals, specific to their surface oxidation, under the direction of Professor P.A. Thiel at the Ames Laboratory. Between his undergraduate and graduate studies, Pinhero was a staff scientist with S-CUBED in La Jolla, Calif.


Professional association memberships

Patrick Pinhero is an active member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) where he serves on both the National Program Committee and Publications Committee. He has twice served as an assistant technical program chair for annual and winter meetings and is the technical program chair for the ANS 2014 winter meeting at Disneyland in November. He also has been active in the Materials Research Society (MRS) and the International Cooperative Group on Environmentally Assisted Cracking (ICG-EAC). He has been a long-term member of NACE, AAAS and the AVS.