Graduate Research Assistantship Positions

Multiple research assistantship positions are available to qualified “doctoral” degree pursuing graduate students (Please refer to the “Degree Programs” in the MAE department website for requirement and deadlines) in mechanical engineering (or other disciplines including material science, physics, chemistry, biology, or chemical engineering etc.) who have strong background and interest in thermal sciences/engineering, and/or materials processes/characterization.

Research Areas: Two-phase heat and mass transfer (boiling and condensation) in porous media, multi-scale heat transfer, molecular dynamics simulation, sustainable energy conversion and storage, solid state thermoelectric, rechargeable battery, combustion, membrane distillation, and nano-material synthesis/processes/characterization.

Experience and Skill Requirements (including, but not limited to)

Interested students should submit their CV/resumes including GRE and TOEFL (for international applicants) scores and official academic transcripts (scanned PDF) by email to

Ph.D. Position Flyer (PDF)