Dr. Timothy Middelkoop’s research focuses on cyberinfrastructure, large-scale (HPC) and multi-core scientific computing, distributed sensor networks, clean energy optimization and control, integrated design systems, multi-agent systems, and computational optimization. His focus is to engineer distributed systems by developing and understanding the fundamental design patterns required to build robust scalable systems that are beneficial to society.

His current research, in clean energy optimization control and integration is, conducted utilizing on-campus buildings as living laboratories for research and development of models and systems that enable buildings to use energy efficiently and intelligently. Systems like these are what will be needed if our society is going to meet the environmental and energy challenges of the future.

In the area of cyberinfrastructure, Dr. Middelkoop’s research deals with the integration of application, algorithm, and implementation of multi-core optimization problems. Multi-core computation represents a paradigm shift of how research is conducted, in which new algorithms and infrastructures must be developed that are both proven and robust and at the same time distributed, efficient, and scalable. Successful and high impact research in cyberinfrastructure must be cross disciplinary, standards based, and user empowering, all of which are goals of Dr. Middelkoop’s research.