Jacob A. McFarland
Assistant Professor, 2014-present
PhD in ME (2013) from Texas A&M University
M.S. in ME (2008) from Virginia Tech
B.S in ME (2007) from Texas Tech University
phone: 573-882-5856

Graduate Students

Wolfgang J. Black
Collaborating Graduate Research Scientist with Los Alamos National Laboratory
Research Assistant, Missouri Space Grant Consortium Fellow
B.S. in ME (2014) from the University of Missouri
Research: Shock tube design and construction, particle evaporation model development in FLAG code (LANL), hydrodynamic instability simulations in FLAG and ARES (LLNL)

Angry Jeevan

Jeevan Dahal
Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant for MAE 2300 (Thermodynamics)
B.S in ME (2012) from Tribuvan University, Institute of Engineering, Nepal
Research: Development of particle momentum exchange, energy exchange, and phase change models within FLASH code, study of dust processing in interstellar medium using the developed particle model in FLASH

Constantine Avgoustopoulos
Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant for MAE 1100 (Engineering Graphics)
Missouri Space Grant Consortium Fellow
B.S in ME (2014) from the Georgia Institute of Technology
Research: Shock tube design and construction, turbulent interfaces, experimental setup and optics

Raj Kothakapa
Research Assistant
B.Tech in ME (2014) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
Research: Generation of microscopic fluid particles, experimental setup and implementation

Undergraduate Students

Justin White
Collaborating Undergraduate Research Scientist with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Undergraduate Honors Researcher
Research: Reighley-Taylor unstable interfaces for Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities, Turbulent hydrodynamic instability simulations in ARES and Miranda (LLNL) codes

John Middle Brooks
John Middlebrooks
McNair Scholar and Undergraduate Researcher
Research: Shock tube design and experimental setup

Qiwen Guo
Undergraduate Honors Researcher
Research: Experimental and Simulation Study of multi-species turbulent Interfaces


Shuangjiu Fu