Our research team focuses on cross-cutting interests in fundamental material science, material processing, and energy. Our interests include synthesis processes, characterization, simulation, and integration of materials across length scales.




We seek to understand the fundamental forces that shape the growth and assembly of carbon nanotube assemblies known as carbon nanotube forests. Our group synthesizes novel carbon nanotube structures and utilize simulations to understand the forces driving their assembly process and resultant properties. By understanding and controlling their collective synthesis, we hope to extract the true potential of this exciting engineering material.




​Novel processing of nanoscale materials is essential to capturing their full capabilities. Our team investigates fundamental processes ranging from lithography to milling to layered self-assembly of nanoenergetic materials. A particular interest to the group is in-situ processes that may be observed within electron microscopes to gain unprecedented detail into processing mechanisms. Our group uses a Protochips Aduro 350 system to facilitate in-situ heating and electrical biasing during processing.




​Our group enjoys a close collaboration with the Gangopadhyay research team in the development of nanoenergetic materials. In particular, we are interested in the self-assembly of nanothermite materials that utilize 2D materials for structural and functional assembly templates. This research investigates novel materials, their assembly processes, and their resulting combustion behaviors.




​We strive to make next-generation thermal devices using 3D printing technologies and novel material sets. Check back soon for updates.