Maschmann-MattAdvanced Nanostructures Group

Matt Maschmann is an Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Missouri. His research examines the design, synthesis, characterization, and implementation of nanoscale material systems. Current emphasis areas include the micro-mechanics of CNT forest growth and compression, 3-D carbon nanotube microstructures, energy and energetic materials, and biological inspiration. We are also interested in in-situ SEM testing techniques for material synthesis and characterization. Engineering devices of interest include novel physical sensors, composite materials, and enhanced surfaces for thermal management.


2018 MU College of Engineering Junior Faculty Research Award
2017 MU College of Engineering Junior Faculty Teaching Award
2018 IOP Publishing Outstanding Reviewer Award
2017 NSF CAREER Award
2015-2017 AFOSR Summer Faculty Fellowship Program
2014 ORAU Ralph Powe Award


Current Students

Taher Hajilounezhad (Ph.D student)
Taher is studying the fundamental mechanics and assembly of carbon nanotube forests. His studies include both simulation and in-situ experimentation.



Gordon Koerner (Ph.D. student)
Gordon is studying the assembly of carbon nanotube forest microstructures and manufacturing methods to enhance scalability. He is also interested in the application of machine learning and process automation.

Anqi Wang (Ph.D. Candidate)
Anqi is studying the self-assembly and processing of graphene-based nanothermite systems.

Naadaa Zakiyyan (Ph.D. Candidate)
Naadaa is studying polymer-based nanoenergetic materials and optical methods for their thermal and energetic property evaluation

Andrew Countryman (M.S. Student)

Andrew is studying the 3D printing of energetic gel materials.



Joe Brown (M.S. 2018) – Hummingbird Scientific

Ryan Hines (M.S. 2018) – Boeing

Ben Davis (M.S. 2018) – Hummingbird Scientific

Matt Riehn (M.S. 2017) – Boeing

Yushan Li (M.S. 2017) – Jaguar / Land Rover

Chengyi Gu (M.S. 2017) – Hikvision

Damola Ajiboye (M.S. 2016) – Missouri S&T

Bahram Rajabifar (M.S. 2015) – Purdue University

Xingyi Yan (M.S. 2015) – Shanghai Automotive Break System

Jin Li (M.S. 2015)