Materials Synthesis and Processing


Vacuum oven

High Temperature Oven






CVD System (1100 C, P<100 mTorr)             Vacuum Oven (250 C)     High-Temperature Oven (1800 C)

hot press

spin coater

probe sonicationThermo Sorvall T1






Carver hot presser                         Laurell Spin Coater        Branson Sonicator        Thermo Sorvall T1

CO2 Laser

Diener Plasma cleaner

Autoclave reactors






Full Spectrum CO2 Laser System                            Diener Plasma Cleaner      Parr Reactors

High-Power Femtosecond and Nanosecond Laser System (Shared)

Half-automatic thin film coating machine

Materials Characterizations

Electron Spectroscopy Center (Shared core facility)

PerkinElmer UV-Via






PerkinElmer UV-Via Spectrometer

Optical Microscope

Device Fabrication/Test

Micro/nano Center (shared): RIE, Electron-beam evaporation, sputter, ALD, and Mask Aligner in Cleanroom

glove box

Agilent 4155A

4 point probe









VTI Glove Box                                                   Agilent 4155A                                                 4 Point Probe



Rotator Electrodes






CHI 708E                                                        Biologic SP-200       ALS-RRDE-3A


  1. Millipore Water Purification System
  2. Microbalance (resolution: 0.1 mg)
  3. 3 Hot Plates with magnetic stirring
  4. Branson bath Sonicator