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Welcome to Dr. Lin’s group is conducting highly interdisciplinary research which dedicates computational and experimental research in advanced manufacturing to promote electronics, biomedical, and energy fields.



Group News


  1. 05/2019 Jerry passed his Ph.D. defense. Congratulation, Dr. Zhang!
  2. 04/2019 Together with scientists from Livermore National Lab, Tufts University, and University of Manchester, Dr. J. Lin will organize a symposium titled “Artificial Intelligence for Material Design, Processing, and Characterizations” in 2020 MRS Spring conference. The symposium is now online and will be open for abstract submission on Sept. 26th. Welcome to submit your abstracts!
  3. 04/2019 The group attended MRS Spring meeting. Jheng-Wun’s poster was nominated as the Best Poster. Congratulation!
  4. 03/2019 Henry and Melinda were awarded the best graduate student and undergraduate students, respectively, by College of Engineering. Congratulation!
  5. 03/2019 Our proposal on laser fabrication of nanocatalysts was selected for funding by NSF. Thank you very much, NSF CMMI-AM!
  6. 02/2019 Huge congratulation to Yuan and Jerry for our FIRST machine learning related paper entitled “Bandgap prediction by deep learning in configurationally hybridized graphene and boron nitride.” being accepted by journal of npj Computional Materials. It is really a long and tough process. Excellent job, guys! This award was heavily reported by multiple media such as MU News Bureau, ScienceDaily, Phys.org, Facebook, Futurity, Technology Networks, InnovationToronto, RobotConsumer, Akil Media. It was also mentioned in the website of our sponsor DOE NETL.
  7. 01/2019 Dr. Lin was named the Dean William R. Kimel and Mila Kimel Faculty Fellow in Engineering, which is presented to an early-career member of the faculty, by MU College of Engineering. Its recognition is for the whole group members. Thank you, all!
  8. 01/2019 Congratulation to Yuan, Chenghao, and Haojia for their molecular thermal diode work being published in Physical Review Applied. Great job!


  1. 07/2018 Our proposal was selected for funding by DOE. Thank you very much, DOE NETL!
  2. 06/2018 Congratulation to Yuan, Jerry, Molly, Melinda for their paper “Novel two-dimensional diamond like carbon nitrides with extraordinary elasticity and thermal conductivity” being accepted by Carbon. Good job!
  3. 04/2018 Lin’s group attended MRS Spring conference meeting in Phoenix, AZ.
  4. 02/2018 Congratulation to Yuan, Molly, Melinda, and Jerry for their paper “Thermal Conductivities of Two-dimensional Graphitic Carbon Nitrides by Molecule Dynamics Simulation” being accepted by International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Good job!
  5. 02/2018 Our joint proposal was selected for funding by USDA. Thank you, USDA!
  6. 02/2018 Congratulation to Jerry, Sheldon, Henry, Channing, Jheng-Wun, and Yuan for their paper “Ternary Nickel Iron Phosphide Supported on Nickel foam as a High-Efficiency Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting” being accepted to International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Good Job!


  1. 12/2017 Congratulation to Jheng-wun, Xiang, Henry, and Channing for their paper “4D printing of a Self-morphing Polymer Driven by Swellable Guest Medium” being accepted by Soft Matter. Good job!
  2. 11/2017 Congratulation to Xiang Tao for passing his defense for a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering! Hope you have a bright future.
  3. 11/2017 Congratulation to Sean, Melinda, Molly, and Yuan for their paper “Water Assisted Liquefaction of Lignocellulose Biomass by ReaxFF Based Molecular Dynamic Simulations” being accepted by Fuel. Sean, Melinda, and Molly are undergraduate students.
  4. 11/2017 Congratulation to Henry, Yuan, Channing, Sheldon, and Jerry for their paper “An Instant Responsive Polymer Driven by Anisotropy of Crystal Phases” being accepted by Materials Horizons. Great Job!
  5. 11/2017 Congratulation to Channing, Jheng-wun, Henry, and Sheldon for their paper “Reversible Self-assembly of 3D Architectures Actuated by Responsive Polymers” being accepted by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
  6. 10/2017 Congratulation to Yuan, Martha, and Jerry for their paper “Computational Study of Precision Nitrogen Doping on Graphene Nanoribbon Edges” being published in Nanotechnology.
  7. 08/2017 Congratulation to Henry, Yuan, Jheng-Wun, Channing, Sheldon, Jerry for their paper “Bioinspired Programmable Polymer Gel Controlled by Swellable Guest Medium” being published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
  8. Congratulation to Travis Tumlin for passing his defense for a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering! Hope you have a bright future.
  9. 05/2017 Congratulation to Chenhao and Yuan. Their paper of “Reactive force field simulation on thermal conductivities of carbon nanotubes and graphene” was accepted by International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Chenhao is an undergraduate student.
  10. 02/2017 Welcome visiting scholar Prof. Zhiguo Yuan from North University of China.
  11. 02/2017 Congratulation to Channing, Sheldon, Henry, Travis, Jerry, and Jheng-wun for publishing their work “Monolithic and Flexible ZnS/SnO2 Ultraviolet Photodetectors with Lateral Graphene Electrodes in Small.
  12. 01/2017 Welcome visiting scholar Prof. Yuan Lu from University of Science and Technology of China.


  1. 11/2016 Our SBIR phase-I proposal was selected by NSF for award. Thank you, NSF!
  2. 08/2016 Welcome visiting scholar Prof. Yunlong Wang from Jiangsu University.
  3. 07/2016 Congratulation to Anand Katailiha for passing his defense for a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering! Hope you have a bright future.
  4. 03/2016  Our group’s first computational work by Yuan and Sean was accepted to Journal Carbon. The work was about molecular dynamic simulation on the synthesis mechanism of graphene like materials from polymers under extreme conditions. Congratulations!
  5. 02/2016  Congratulation to Channing, Henry, Jerry, and Sheldon for passing their qualify exams. Welcome board, Ph.D. candidates!
  6. 02/2016 Our group’s first experimental paper by Henry, Jerry, Shelton and Travis was published in Journal of Materials Chemistry-A. It is published as “2016 emerging investigators themed issue: novel design strategies for new functional materials.” The work was collaborative with Army Research Lab (ARL). Huge congratulation, all! This work has been highly reported by media such as: ScienceDaily, ScienceNewsline, Innovation Toronto, World of Renewables, MU News et al.
  7. 02/2016 Travis won 2nd place of student oral presentation during Nanotechnology for Defense (N4D) held in CA, 2015. MU Engineering reported this news. Congratulation, Travis!


  1. 09/2015 Welcome new group members Chase, Ethan, Jenny,  Martha, and Melinda as undergraduate researchers.
  2. 09/2015 Travis was offered a NSF IGERT Program traineeship fellowship. This 2-year award will support his training in neutron scattering facility at MU. Congratulation, Travis!
  3. 08/2015 Welcome new group members Travis Tumlin and Cheng Zhang to join MU as Ph.D. students.
  4. 08/2015 Dr. Lin gave an invited talk at Army Research Lab.
  5. 05/2015 Welcome new group members Heng Deng and Yunchao Xie to join MU as Ph.D. students.
  6. 05/2015 Dr. Lin was chosen one of 35 winners to prestigious ORAU Ralph Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award for 2015-2016 academic year. ORAU has totally 115 Ph.D. granted universities.
  7. 01/2015  Dr. Lin’s follow-up work in laser graphene for stackable supercapacitors has been highlighted by ScienceDaily, Phys.OrgR&D newsletter, IEEE SpectrumEE Times, SciTechDaily, SpaceDaily, MaterialsTodayChinese Academy of Science


  1. 12/2014   Dr. Lin’s first-authored paper in microsupercapacitors directly written by laser on commercial polymer films was published in Nature Communications. The work has been reported by Science DailyPhys.org, Photonics onlinePhotonicsFuturity, Rice NewsLinkedin, FacebookR&D Magazine, Azo MaterialsIDTechExClean TechnicaGraphene-Info.com, Science Newline, Technology.org, Next Big Future, Overlockers ClubWireless Design and Development, Brightsurf Science, Txchnologist, Technobaha. It was listed as top 10 materials news by Elservier MaterialsToday from Dec. 2014. and also mentioned by NSF website. Magazine The New Yorker has a special annals of innovation on graphene and mentions our work of laser induced graphene (LIG).
  2. 10/2014   Welcome Anand Katailiha and Gitartha Choudhury joined our group as M.S. graduate students!
  3. 09/2014   Welcome Chi “Jerry” Zhang joined our group as the first graduate student!
  4. 09/2014   Dylan, Emily, John and Sean joined our group as undergraduate researchers. Welcome!
  5. 08/2014   Dr. Lin’s first-authored paper in VO2 nanowires was published in Nano Letters.
  6. 08/2014   Dr. Lin started his PI position at University of Missouri, Columbia.