Hu Group Research

Research Interests:

Completed and Current Projects:

Students Involved in the Projects: 

Atreyee Sims  Ph.D., 2012
Chiqian Zhang
Dan Beerman
Elizabeth Dolan
Hilda Fadaei Khoei MS, 2011
Jamie Cole
Jasmine D Johnson
Jia Guo MS, 2010
Jia You MS, 2010
Joe Wiedemeier
Kathy Deng (Rice University)
Kevin Stark  MS, 2012
Kristen Powers
Marissa J. Larson
Meng Xu Ph.D., 2014
Okkyoung Choi Ph.D., 2009
Qian Chen MS, 2010
Ryan Womack (Morehouse College)
Shashikanth Gajaraj Ph.D., 2014
Shengna Xu Ph.D., 2014
Tianyu Tang
Yanyan Zhang Ph.D., 2012
Yu Yang Ph.D., 2012
Zhihua Liang Ph.D., 2011

Postdoctoral Researchers/Research Associates:

Dr. Chang-Ping Yu 2008-2009 Current at Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Steve Zheng 2009-2010
Dr. Donglei Wu 2011-2012
Xining Sun 2011-2012