Instrumentation Basics

Voltage-current characteristics of CFL and LED light bulbs

The effect of a dimmer switch on the sine wave

Piezoelectric transducers

Mechanical Vibration

Ground resonance

Vibration of a plate

Visual effect of many pendulums with different lengths

Chaos of a double compound pendulum

Stabilization of an inverted pendulum by vibration

Vibration Visualization

Bowed violin string is slow motion

Beam vibration under strobe light

Rolling shutter illusion of string vibration

Rolling shutter illusion (more information on Wikipedia)

Nonlinear Phenomena

Creeping Trojan Horse

Dancing Sands

Dancing Water or Waves

A video on parametric instability

A video on wheel flutter, also known as wheel shimmy

A video on hysteresis

A video on internal resonance

Interesting videos

Gyroscopic effect: Defy gravity

Lexus structural blue

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

Do It Yourself

Fixing the flickering problem in the ceiling fan light

Fixing the flickering in florescent lights

How to turn on a gas fireplace when electric power is out?

Refrigerator Overload Relay Problem