Skits & BBQ

Group of engineers posing at Skits and BBQWednesday, March 15, 2017
5:30-9:30 pm

The American Legion of Columbia will be hosting the E-Week BBQ. Smoke-n-Honor BBQ will be cooking up some legendary meats—you don’t want to miss this feast. During the meal, watch as king and queen candidates perform hilarious skits.

Professors from the College of Engineering serve as judges for the skits. They judge the skits on creativity and inclusion of required elements. Each skit must contain specified components in its content. Previous required elements have included Irish phrases, traditional E-week songs and mention of rivalries with the colleges of law and agriculture.

Candidates create and perform the skits in pairs. They may draw on the talents of their peers by incorporating others into the skits, as well.

When the skits began in 1965, they were known as the Queen Skits. They were created to replace an older tradition, the serenade. The BBQ used to be known as the smoker.

Buy tickets at the sales table in Lafferre Hall during E-Week or at the door.

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