Road Rally

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Time: 10:00 am

Location: Perry Legend Auto Repair

Tricky puzzles, crazy stunts and the fun of a road trip – Road Rally is the event no one should miss! Open to anyone and everyone, this event serves as a major kick-off to Engineers’ Week. Road Rally requires fast thinking and quick navigation. It has proved to be an event unlike any other and continues to be a favorite.

Starting positions are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Many cars line up a soon as the Friday night before. The anxious teams fight their sleepiness with games and competitive spirit as they await the start of the race. The race starts when the first team receives the first clue and is released from the starting location.

There are a total of six clues. Each clue is encrypted with a riddle that leads the teams to a new location where team members must overcome an obstacle to obtain the next clue. There are a total of five stops and the final ending location. At the ending location, teams turn in their total times and enjoy a celebration with all participants.

There are also prizes awarded to based on fastest time, most spirit and best vehicle decorations. This is one of the events where department participation points will be tallied. A total will be taken at the end of the week, and the department that shows the most spirit and participation during E-week will be announced at St. Patrick’s Ball. So, remember to embrace your inner creativity and the spirit of St. Patrick upon arriving at Road Rally.

If you get lost during the race, be sure to check out our Twitter Account (@MizzouEWeek) Answers and locations will be posted throughout the race.