Dome Lighting

Jesse Hall dome lit for Engineers' Week.

Friday, March 10, 2017
Outside of Overholser Atrium
5:30 pm

Dome lighting, the first event of Engineers’ Week, will take place the first Friday of E-Week at 5:30 p.m. The event includes engineering-themed songs, a reading from the scroll of St. Patrick, and a speech from our honorary guest, who kicks off the ceremonious lighting of the dome of Jesse Hall green to mark the start of Engineers’ Week!

This event includes a food can collection with the help of Pi Tau Sigma. Those who donate one can of food will earn a ticket for a chance to win a Garmin VivoFit® HR or a Garmin VivoSmart HR®. Those who donate five cans will earn six tickets or a 10-minute voucher off of their Road Rally driving times.

Dome lighting began as an E-Week stunt when, in 1988, engineers turned the dome on top of Jesse Hall green. The stunt was revived in 2007 and transformed into an annual tradition. This will be the tenth annual dome lighting celebration.

Dome lighting is sponsored by Garmin

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